A few comments from some happy clients.....

If you are in need of a facial you have to see Kathy at Spa Noel.  I have been to several of the top spas for facials and nothing comes close to the facial you will get from Kathy.  Her prices are very reasonable. She uses the best products and really knows how to treat all skin types.  You will leave there feeling totally relaxed with a noticeable glow to your skin!  Ingrid

"I have been seeing Kathy at Spa Noel for the past 2 years for services range from waxing, facials, body wraps, reflexology, to a Non-surgical facelift. My skin has never looked and felt better. Her products and services are the best!  Thanks Kathy."

Ladies and Gentleman -  if you have not experienced the God given gift that  Kathy Sewell of Spa Noel offers - you are missing out on an incredible  experience from one of the best.  I worked for 9 years for 3 of Atlanta's premiere Plastic Surgeons  and we had an on-staff Medical Aesthetician who I felt was the best until I met Kathy.  Please allow Kathy at Spa Noel the opportunity to share her talents with you and your loved ones and enjoy the results of all the fantastic treatment options she has to offer.  You'll be glad you did!!! 

I have been going to Kathy Sewell at Spa Noel for facials and her other wonderful treatments for three and a half years.  I never go out without someone commenting on my face.  And when I have to show my driver’s license, without fail I am told that I don’t look as old as I am.  Taking care of my skin is a must and Kathy has been the instrument of that care.  She has also become a great friend, one who offers help and advice and one who receives.  Spa Noel is a calming oasis in my whirling schedule and I look forward with real joy to each visit.  There is much more than a younger looking face awaiting an appointment at Spa Noel!

I have been going to Kathy at Spa Noel for facials and reflexology. She is the best I have ever had to do the reflexology. I have problems with my feet in the mornings so bad that I can hardy walk. Kathy knows how to fix the problem by breaking up the lactic acid and it helps with lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. After I have done a reflexology with Kathy I can breath better and no pain in the mornings.

 "I recently had the Blueberry Detox Peel and the impact is instant!  I just received my third complement today,  And all I am wearing is concealer, eyeliner and mascara!"