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Spa Noel specializes in Therapeutic Treatments - Facials and Back Treatments   -- ALL Certified Organic Products From Hungary!

The Spa Noel Eminence Organic Therapeutic Facial

a treatment designed to reduce signs of aging by using the certified organic Eminence Skin Care Products, also reduces anxiety, promotes healing and can reduce pain and inflammation.

The face, neck and shoulder massage is specific and intentional.  Due to lack of exercise, poor nutrition, shallow breathing and overexposure of pollution there is a slower drainage of lymph and blood flow. 

Facial massage will allow for a pinker glow which is an obvious example to an improved blood flow.

This is why a monthly facial is so beneficial.

Stimulating the lymph in the face will make it richer in color which shows a resilient immune system and a bright complexion.

Half of the body's lymphnodes are in the neck so with facial massage it will unblock them and will have an immediate effect on the facial skin. 

The face responds well to touch because it is packed with small muscles which are richly endowed with nerve-endings.

Age will cause the skin to be less supple so frown lines, rigid jaws, pursed lips ans staring eyes become part of the face, facial massage can loosen up the facial muscles and allow them to learn to slide in place more readily after being tensed.

With repeated treatments your face will look more relaxed and younger.

Muscle stimulates circulation to the face, your complexion will be toned and glowing.


Give The Gift of Pampering!


 You can Book Online to schedule your appointment,  send me a text if you have any further questions, I will get back with you between my appointments. Thank You.  (404) 274-7014.

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